The 45 Second Presentation - Own Your Life Audio Book

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Previously The 45 Second Presentation

This is the classic MLM how-to: the one that started it all and is still a best-seller, for much of what Mr. Failla has to say is timeless. Don Failla is famous for such "household word" phrases as "Own Your Life, Ask Me How," "sizzle sessions" and much, much more. The famous "Ten Napkin Presentations" form the core of this audio book. Learn how to present simple, impossible-to-forget images that explain the basics of MLM. It doesn't get any clearer or more concise than Failla's classic.

For over thirty-six years, Don and Nancy Failla have been helping people build their own successful home-based businesses. Thousands world-wide have discovered the "system" that is helping their part time home-based business realize a full-time income! The best-selling 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life is now available in audio book format. Complete with a diagram guide to walk you through the concepts explained in his book, this audio book is perfect for brushing up on the napkin presentations while driving, or used as a stand-alone prospecting piece.

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